Who We Are

The Acute Stroke Nurses Education Network Ltd (ASNEN) is Australia’s leading education and networking organisation for nurses specialising in acute stroke care. Since 2012 we have sought to facilitate and provide evidence-based stroke-specific nursing education, and link Australian stroke nurses together through national networking opportunities to ensure that all Australians who are affected by stroke receive world-class care, treatment and support. 

Stroke is a devastating medical crisis that significantly impacts a person’s immediate and long-term health. Given the high rates of long-term disability post stroke, stroke not only affects the patient, but also their family, friends, co-workers, and community.

Nurses are the only healthcare professionals who provide 24-hours a day, 7-days a week care to patients with stroke during their hospital and rehabilitation journey. Providing expert care and support to all those impacted by this crippling condition, nurses provide a unique and critical role in the management, treatment, and the recovery of patients with stroke.

Ensuring nurses have access to the highest quality specialist stroke education, evidence-based practice, and peer mentorship and networking opportunities is paramount to ensuring excellence in patient care and best stroke outcomes.

ASNEN facilitates the delivery of evidence-based acute stroke management by promoting emerging research, developing new ways to deliver stroke care and leading nursing practice which improves information delivery and enhances care and support for Australians affected by stroke.

Additionally, as the peak professional Australian stroke nursing body, ASNEN are called upon to act as an advisory board in acute stroke nursing management, as well as provide advice for standards of practice, white papers, and associated presentations.

ASNEN is a not-for-profit registered Australian charity.

Our History

Learn about the history of ASNEN from its formation in 2012 to the present day.

Our Mission

We aim to improve outcomes for the many Australians affected by stroke each year.

Our Team

The ASNEN committee is comprised of leading stroke nurses from across Australia.