ASNEN is proud to partner with the Association of Neurovascular Clinicians (ANVC) to offer Australian nurses the opportunity to obtain the prestigious international stroke nursing credential, Neurovascular Registered Nurse (NVRN).

Similar to ASNEN, the ANVC are an organisation of stroke professionals who are dedicated to improving quality and access to acute stroke care. The organisation was formed to meet the needs of interdisciplinary health professionals engaged in the care of stroke patients. For more information visit the ANVC website.

The ANVC’s Neurovascular Registered Nurse (NVRN) board certification is the only certification for registered nurses that focuses exclusively on acute neurovascular care. Attainment of NVRN certification demonstrates nursing expertise in the provision of acute neurovascular care to highly vulnerable, hospitalised acute stroke patients. Successful completion of the exam allows nurses to add the credentials ‘NVRN-BC’ after their name.

Normally only available in the USA, ASNEN has previously partnered with the ANVC to offer our members special access to the rapid review course and exam once a year at one of the Australian stroke conferences. However, it will be possible for Australian nurses to now sit this exam virtually using a home proctoring service organised through the ANVC. More details will follow on this in the coming months.

This course and exam is ideally suited to those nurses who have undertaken the international Neurovascular Education and Training in Stroke Management and Acute Reperfusion Therapies (NET SMART) Junior course (for further information on this course, please visit, or  stroke nurses who have worked approximately 1000+ hours of clinical care with stroke patients in the preceding 12 months (i.e. patient consultation, direct clinical care, research or QI activities, stroke unit coordination, nursing education).

The ANVC currently offers the NVRN Rapid Review Course and Exam to ASNEN members at a heavily discounted price. Normally, US$250-500, it is available to Australian nurses for US$125 (approx. AUD$175).

ASNEN aims to host The Neurovascular Registered Nurse (NVRN) rapid review course and board certification exam as a pre-conference workshop at the Stroke Society of Australasia Conference in 2022, pending international Covid travel limitations. For further information on the exam, please View details or see the ANVC website